Fitsleep – A tracker that sings lullaby

Fitsleep – A tracker that sings lullaby

About FitSleep

Introducing FitSleep — your personal lullaby that uses alpha waves to gently send you to sleep. More than a sleep tracker, FitSleep – precisely logs valuable sleep date such as your heart rate, respiratory rate, body movements and sleep pattern while maintaining a sleek non-disruptive design.

FitSleep is your Tech Lullaby. Helping to lull you into a deep sleep, increase deep sleep duration and improve sleep efficiency. By using a range of low frequency and power electromagnetic waves, FitSleep scans how the user reacts to different frequencies. Like a lullaby, these waves calm the nervous system. FitSleep’s sensors detect changes and narrow down the wave range to specific frequencies, then emits the best waves to help that user get a better sleep.

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When it comes to measuring your sleep, there is no room for error. Accuracy was one of the top priorities in the development of the FitSleep device. Every feature of the device is reliant on accuracy.

FitSleep’s accuracy is comparable to the medical sleep monitor. This allows us to better pinpoint problem areas, and help you achieve a more restful night’s sleep.

Simply slide FitSleep under your pillow, mattress, or even couch cushion and you’ll never know it’s there. Even when the device is right under your pillow you won’t even feel a bump.

FitSleep was designed to never disturb your sleep.

Using the FitSleep companion app you can pair your mobile device with a loved one’s FitSleep device and monitor their sleeping statistics from afar. You will also be able to receive alerts if your loved one isn’t sleeping well, or if FitSleep has detected an abnormality in their sleep.

The Team

FitSleep α 1 is iFuture Lab’s first smart sleeping device. The iFutureLab team is made up of elite individuals with PhDs and Masters in Algorithm Analysis, Microelectronics, and Computer Science from numerous top U.S. universities. Senior software engineers were recruited from Facebook and Google, and our advisors include professors and neuroscientists from Stanford and Peking University. After two years development, currently FitSleep has owned 208 production technologies, conduced 17000 substance tests and passed international certification including CE, FCC and ROHS.

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