i-Sleep: Your Personal Sleep Assistant

i-Sleep: Your Personal Sleep Assistant

About i-Sleep:

i-Sleep is a high-tech smart device that helps you fall asleep. It uses the bioelectricity to balance brainwave technology to increase the activity of Alpha wave, reduce the activity of Delta wave, hence to balance brain disorders of the brainwave of the sleepless to improve the sleep quality. 

With a hand-held small shape and ear clips style, it is user friendly. People use it naturally like to be wearing a headset. Using it for about 20 minutes, you will fall in deep sleep. After using it for more than 3 months, the sleep is improved significantly.

Our Target Audiences:

  1. Sleepless persons because of pressure or environment
  2. Persons with mild insomnia and bad sleep quality
  3. High-tech intelligent health product lovers

Why You Should Choose i-Sleep:

1.Improve good sleep positively and motivate brainwave activity

It uses advanced bioelectricity technology to increase the activity of Alpha wave, reduce the activity of Delta wave. Hence to influence and improve the activity of brainwave and help to go into sleep status.

2.Ear-clip style, quiet design

Small contact surface with the body, use naturally with good effect

3.Last for a week after 2 hours full charge

4.Scientifically set the time to use

Advice to use 20 minutes every time and two times every day (before sleep)

5.Personalized gear adjustment Settings

Adjustable gear for different groups of people

6.CE/FCC approved

International certificates, safe and reliable

7.Non medical devices or medicine cure

No side effect. The sleepless condition won’t be worse if no longer use it in the future

8.Enjoy high quality sleep

Product Parameters:

Adapter input power

AC 240V, 50/60HZ

Adapter output power




Net dimension(L*W*H)


Box dimension(L*W*H)


Net weight

about 0.4kg

Gross Weight

about 0.8kg


lithium battery with the capacity 350mah


black & blue

Action position

ear lobe

Dimensions of Host Machine:

Structural Anatomy:

Improve your life quality with i-Sleep:

Choose i-sleep to keep far away from sleepless and sleep aid pills. 

Enjoy high quality sleep and a smart, healthy and happy family naturally from now on! 

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