Moikit Tita: World’s First Smartphone Connected Pitcher

Moikit Tita: World’s First Smartphone Connected Pitcher

About Moikit Tita

What Is Tita?

Tita is a water filteration system with built-in Hydration Tracking Technology. It connects with your smart devices and monitors your hydration activities. With the Tita app , you and your family can hydrate more healthily and effectively.


Hydration Tracking

The Tita APP gives you access to check you and your family’s daily hydration progress and other hydration data.

NFC Technology

The built-in NFC technology allows you to manage and help improve your family’s hydration habits.

Safe Water Purification

Tita’s “Naturness® Ultrafiltration” filter eliminates residual chlorine, lead , bacteria and certain viruses.

LED Display

Tita’s built-in LED screen will display your hydration data, intelligent filter data and battery life in real time.

Intelligent Filter Change

Filter replacement based on precise water filteration data. No more wasting money on filter-underusage replacement.


Both Tita and its filters are made of Corn starch material (PLA), which is bio-degradable and 100% BPA free.


Using the Tita app, you can record, track, send, and receive reminders regarding you and your family’s hydration status – all at your fingertips.

  • Filter Lifespan Monitoring
  • Family Hydration Management
  • Real Volume Measurement
  • Filteration Complete Reminder

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